Virtual reality spinning: New fitness craze?

Virtual reality spinning: New fitness craze?

CNN’s David Molko pedals across a virtual galaxy and finds out what makes this experience unique, and possibly profitable.


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  1. Hey all, I am about to start up a "Kat Walk MIni VR Treadmill Weight Loss Challenge". That is a mouth full… KWM VRT WLC?? Will have to work on that!! Anyway, I will be streaming myself using the Kat Walk Mini for 1 hour a day and showing off the results… Showing my weight, body images, etc… Stay tuned for updates on when and how to see the results for yourself! Feel free to message with any questions!

  2. Nice concept but same speed for everyone makes the experience less realistic. We chose to propose a more personalized solution with speed synchronisation, but you have to wear a VR headset. And you can ride in real nice places of the world 🙂

  3. I really like this channel that show the trends in economic perspective, but somehow the voice volume is relatively low, compared to other news channel those I have subscribed.

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