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  1. I began searching for led light speakers and came a cross this on google and clicked on your video. They have many sites that sell them but…. if you don’t mind telling me where did you get yours from? And which one is better ? It’s a gift for him.. 😌 I’m different so I want his gifts to be different from everyone else’s 😂😂😂 and his birthday is in 3 days

  2. It uses the repulsive property of magnets, I have made one of that kind in school with the whole standard as an assignment. Definitely not a speaker but the levitating object.

  3. Por culpa de este idiota cara de verga . Mande a comprar una bocina de 108db y me llego una bocina de juguete eso no se hace cojiendo a la gente de pendeja. No le hagan caso ese no sabe nada

  4. This needs to be way bigger with huge bass, and maybe a little spinning strobe colored lights show, then it will sell, but it's a nice start.

  5. Latest Model it comes with Coffee Mug, it heats up your Coffee when placing Mug on top of levitating speaker 😂

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