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  1. Why do you say its wasteful when you don't know if they keep the bottle bcuz if I had a bottle like that I clearly wouldn't through it away

  2. if u wanna know, the printer wasn't using ink because it was burning the paper in a certain way and only where the text/image should be. Also, I know its correct because i used to have one.

  3. Idk why but whenever other influencers react on some videos it doesn't entertain me but when im watching lia's reaction videos it entertains me in a way i cant explain but she seems like a fun good person to be around with ❤.

  4. I really need the phone locker because when i am in a car i usually use my phone and i get so dizzy omg

  5. "me hearing from lia" "have a meat slice for your mistakes" "my mind" "have a steak slice for your miSTEAKS" relizes its an eraser :0

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