My biggest VR project YET

My biggest VR project YET

After 2 years of production, I’m so happy to launch β€œThe Virtual Reality Show STUDIO” world in VRChat!! πŸ˜€ In collaboration with …


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  1. Phia this is absolutely amazing. You're in this platform doin your thing the best way possible. I'm 100% up to support this

  2. Love the studio you deserve it and so much more I have high hopes for vr and watching you start and even expand as you do is super encouraging for the future of vr keep it up

  3. Nice studio, do you film all your videos in it rather than using virtual cast now? I want to make a vtuber kind of project and virtual cast seems nice and easy but there isn't a way to make a 3d environment for it. VR chat looks pretty easy too but is it better than using virtual cast in terms of controlling the avatar?

  4. I've been checking on your content for a while now and I appreciate all the hard work that you and all your friends do.
    Please keep up all the great work.
    A fan. ✨

  5. So this question is for anyone. I've been wanting to get into VR for a long time and was wandering what's the best way to without breaking the bank or which route is best to go when I have the money? I'd like to avoid Oculus quest and I do have PS VR but I've noticed there's a lot of restrictions with psvr

  6. that screamingcolor guy has either rehearsed that in his mind or is just that passionate that they can sound like they've rehearsed it, i think thats neat

  7. YESS, As someone whose spent hours upon hours on this game im so excted for this!! def gonna be checking it out

  8. So proud of you PHIA! What an epic way to continue to build the VR world and creativity surround VR. So Excited to see this develop <3

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