IGN Admits They Don't Review Games Any More! Just Checks Google Trending's And Gives It a 7!

IGN Admits They Don't Review Games Any More! Just Checks Google Trending's And Gives It a 7!

In an effort to explain why every game get’s a 7 from the professional mouth breathers at IGN they invertedly reveled that they …


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  1. to add to the BF2042 topic, my game still doesnt run with GeForce Experience overlay turned on, it just crashes mit loading screen.

  2. I see nothing wrong with what they're saying. You can't review 2000 games a year. There are too many games. Most of them probably get less than 100 sales on Steam.. So of course they will focus on the games that people care about..

  3. Let's be honest… We're all just jealous. Who wouldn't want to get paid for not doing your job? Instead, you half-ass an article that mentions the job for a few lines and then fill the rest of the page space with copy-pasted Current Day talking points.

  4. Not surprised considering IGN gameplay videos look like they are being played by that someone who has never played a video game in their lives. The story mode difficulty setting was pretty much invented for IGN employees, they still probably struggle to beat the game.

  5. So… According to IGN, one of my favorite games of all time, Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages, is actually one of the worst games ever made. Because I am one of like 5 people that even know that game exists. Right…

    This is exactly why, for the last several years, I only pay attention to Let's Plays and Steam reviews to find good games. And of course, not the overall rating on Steam, since most of the "overwhelmingly positive" games are only that way thanks to thousands of meme and joke reviews that just say "it gud" or something equally unhelpful.

    And unfortunately, I have also seen way too many players that think similarly. That high popularity guarantees high quality. If that were true, then Clash of Clans and Candy Crush are the most amazing "AAA" games ever made, because they have more players than any other game. This is clearly NOT true. Popularity only signifies a large marketing budget. And I have found that in most cases, the harder a company tries to market their game, the worse the game actually is. Because they know its bad, and are trying to trick people into buying it anyway.

    And IGN is only reinforcing that behavior.

  6. I quit my computer tech job after 30 years and became a crossing guard because I wanted to be a slacker and was sick of fixing people's shit. I only work 4.5 hours a day and get paid for 6.5 with 2, 2 hour breaks in between 1.5 hours worth of helping kids across the street. Hell some days I just sit at home on standby and get paid. I thought I hit slacker paradise. I was wrong…dead wrong. My day is like toiling in the Roman salt mines before becoming one with the dust upon I trudge compared to a video game reviewer. I missed that boat..

  7. Can anyone recommend some actually good gaming news/review sites? I currently follow Gematsu and NicheGamer (though I've become soured by the latter for putting comments behind a paywall among other things).

  8. I understand why they gave Rome II an 8.8. A game where the enemies don't even attack you sounds perfect for game's journalists XD

  9. Oh so according to IGN, any indie dev makes most likely just shit games rather than they tend to make the more out-of-the-box games? I mean, I for one think a game like Darkest Dungeon is way better of a game than 'modern saxophone simulator 11'…. or ANTHEM.

  10. I worked for an IGN subsidiary (gamespy, long dead) as a freelancer. It was my dream to get even that far…and upon realizing just how ethically and intellectually bankrupt the “top” of games journalism really was, I was more than happy to totally abandon my dreams and move on. The people I worked for were, to put it mildly, not good people (with a couple of exceptions).

  11. All the guy said is that they only review popular games. And since most games get popular because they're good, they end up getting 7s, because that's "good, but not exceptional" for IGN. At no point does he say "we just see what's popular and give it a 7." Hell, how would you even write a review of a game without playing it?

  12. My only hope is that they get replaced by AI and we can get some opinions that are atleast human.

  13. It's too bad Totalbiscuit is not among us anymore to comment on this IGN video. The rant would have been epic.

  14. Not sure if it counts as a great game buried by the tidal wave of games, but one I know of that is enjoyable to play is Space Engineers — a game about building and surviving in space with optional planetary survival. Completely sandbox as you can build ships, stations, factions and bases then tell your own story around and with them.

  15. "if you haven't heard of the game, we probably didn't review it" YOU'RE HERE TO REVIEW ALL SHIT SO WE CAN HEAR ABOUT IT YOU MONGREL. I wonder if he'd feel the same if firefighters chose not to answer his emergency because it wasn't popular enough.

  16. As far as I understand, they don't base the score on a game's popularity, only the coice what to review. Which is fair, I think. They need to prioritize somehow.

    The problem seems to be with the scoring system, which I guess is to linear. If you take some random asset flip garbage game from steam as a baseline, even a very flawed tripple A release will compare pretty well. They would have to differentiate their system more, so the difference between masterpiece, very good, good and average becomes clearer. On a scale from 1 to 10, average should not be a 7, it should be a 5.

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