The Legacy of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater | IGN Rewind

The Legacy of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater | IGN Rewind

It’s not often that a franchise can stand the test of time quite like the Metal Gear Solid series. On this episode of IGN Rewind, we’re …


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  1. From 2004 now 2024..Was waiting to hear this news for a long time & now MGS3 Snake Eater become MGS Delta : Snake Eater..MGS series are the pioneer of Tactical Stealth Action Adventure game One & Only MGS..before Hitman..Splinter Cell..The Thief..Dues Ex..Sniper Elite was born..Solid Snake is always a Solid Snake..Real Big Boss 👍 excited to hear who's going to give the voice of Solid Snake is legendary David Hayter or MGSTPP famous Kiefer Sutherland. Konima doing the amazing job, without Hideo Kojima..The new Game Engine & Visual looking breathtaking..looking forward for more upcoming content

  2. Is this just lucky timing or did they know Delta was going to get announced? This is too well produced to have been thrown together in a day.

  3. they should keep the original voices of the cutscenes and radio conversations, and remake only gameplay and environments.

  4. This game has mechanics that still haven’t really come back, like interrogating soldiers for specific information, or being able to damage a limb or a soldiers radio etc.

  5. I'd love if the game has an updated version of MGSV's gameplay where you can approach any mission in a million different ways. That'd be really fun to play

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