Assassin’s Creed Mirage: 5 Major Details From the New Gameplay Trailer

Assassin’s Creed Mirage: 5 Major Details From the New Gameplay Trailer

The first gameplay trailer for Assassin’s Creed Mirage has finally emerged from the shadows, and it shows that Ubisoft’s upcoming …


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  1. All these people are getting hype for no reason game doesn’t even look great. They will just keep going down hill since they made bad game each time

  2. No crowd shoulder push..gameplay and movement mechanics look liked a polished only 15 hours..I think the hype is gunna kill this game..Ubisoft is 💀

  3. lot of us also forgot about the upcoming ac japan that is in the works. Im very excited about that.

  4. The success of this game will probably decide how the serious will continue. Whether it will be oldschool Assassins Creed or Origins-like.

  5. We're looking for a substantial parkour overhaul and this looks like a remake of origins and the games that follow. Perhaps the combat is the only thing that looks flashier.

  6. Smaller yet dense world and far less fluff tasks. AC Unity Combat and or Black Flag I’ll be content BUT it’s Ubisoft so I’ll probably be disappointed 😅

  7. Isnt really anyone talking about his arm going through the cloth on 0:51 ? Idk, but seems this graphics would certainly run on a xbox one and ps4 consoles. It is not even close to Unitys (2014) realism.

  8. we all know its gonna be mediocre game, but im happy they returned to the classic white hooded cloak. lets just forget the Egyptian, spartan, viking dudes they created.

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