Data Center in Iceland seen with an Infrared Drone Camera

Data Center in Iceland seen with an Infrared Drone Camera

This is the waste heat from a Data Center in Iceland seen with an infrared (thermal) camera from a drone. This is a growing …


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  1. I design data center cooling for a living so this is very fascinating to see in Iceland! I also loved my time visiting Iceland so this is a treat

  2. Could it be possible to make an IR-footage of the
    Þeistareykir Geothermal Area in North-Iceland 😉😇😉……Takk fyrir Gylfi!

  3. Looking at the heat flow from those vents (?) one can infer the wind direction during filming. Gorgeous imagery Gylfi.

  4. The heat from the magma is transferred to the water…the water turns to steam……the steam drives a turbine…..the turbine creates electricity….the electricity is sent to the server farm where it does stuff and returns to heat. The first law of thermodynamics wins again.

  5. Would it be possibility to add a colour scale so we get an idea which temperature corresponds to which colour?

  6. Iceland is getting popular for data centers because of the cheap energy AND a low enough ambient temperature so that ventilation by itself is good enough (without the energy wasted by aircon/heat pumping). There are lots of deep sea optical fiber cables connecting Iceland with the rest of the world.

  7. So much information, so easy to see. Some of the vents are less hot than others and some aren’t putting out detectable heat at all. This thermal drone is amazing in what it can do. Thank you for showing us. I wonder what the people running that facility think of this.

  8. are the roofs really that hot or is is the heated being vented up and it just looks like the roofs are hot? Or do the vents not really move the heat away from the building? Seems like the heat would rising up instead of laying on the roof.

  9. Thanks Gylfi! This is fascinating. We all sense your enthusiasm with your new drone. Also, thanks for all the information you have provided in the description. We can't wait to go back to Iceland later this year!

  10. Nice one. It shows what this IR imaging can be used for: did you notice that on the roof of the 2 seperate long buildings some of the fans are broken? 4 or 5 of them are cold, while the rest are warm. But I assume they have noticed that also without thermal imaging.
    However its a good example.

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