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  1. Why not a fixed point ladder that can be released with a lever or switch? Why don't they have harnesses? This is a massive OSHA violation in the works. How can anyone see this and think yeah that's safe, that totally isn't a work related accident waiting to happen?

    Fire escape ladders have existed for hundreds of years, yet they use a dinky rope ladder? With how advanced this vessel is supposed to be, why can't they put an investment into a better boarding ladder? There are dozens of kind of fire escapes that would be perfect in this situation. Heck there are ones that have a cage around them so that it is harder to fall off, yet they choose a dinky rope ladder(sure better than some of the cheap ones on amazon but heck even some of those have rubber pads and or metal stabilizers to prevent them from flying all over the place) ?

    Most boats can be boarded in two different ways, why can't they have a hydraulic fixed point ladder?
    This seems unsafe for no other reason than the fact that they just don't seem to care about making it safer.

    There are dozens of ways they could make this safer. Many Ocean Liners have boat docks built in where you pilot into the underbelly of the ship and then a massive freight elevator system can bring an entire boat up and into the ship.

  2. I saw Zak the pilot this AM at a School event and he mentioned the film crew and video about his occupation. Pretty cool video and I liked the fact that you can pan and view from different angles. For OpSec concerns, they probably did not divulge more about the actual Bay and their navigation secrets from being compromised. Thx CBS and a full day's worth of filming curtailed to @ 8 minutes of segment!!

  3. When I was in Istanbul I went up the Bospherus strait and they told me it was the most dangerous in the world. This job is very intense. Oil container ships have to make it through from Iraq to the Marmara sea via the Bospherus.

  4. There are better gripping gloves than leather. As a tree climber I wouldn’t wear these farmer gloves ever. But to each their own. Be safe! Safety is no accident.

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