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  1. Please if possible do a proper in depth video on headphones and earphone mics! It's so so difficult to find proper reviews. Mic quality isn't subjective mostly so it should be fairly easy to see which one is the best for work calls or calls in general across – TWS, neckband, wired, headphones and wireless headphones. Also across budgets? Especially since phones are getting heavier and bigger and more people are using headphones for calls! Thanks for the videos guys 😊

  2. Hey Brother, My budget is 50000 and I want to start a YouTube channel so brother which phone is best for videography ( specially indoor conditions). I can also wait for Big Billion Days. Reply Please. 🙂🙂

  3. what about samsung a73 5g? it is in the same price bracket and has better camera specs on paper. would love to see a video including that…

  4. Bhaiya camera ke liye pixel lelo konsa bhi aankh band karke. Bilkul nahi pachtaoge. Using pixel 6a for 9 months

  5. As always another nice video… Truly a fan of yours.

    Apart from this video.. Which one you recommend Moto Edge 40 or Moto Edge 40 Ultra or Edge 40 Fusion – all these are round same price with slight up and down in cost

    Or any other smartphone you want to suggest around 40-45k.

    Thank you.
    -Hemant Sharma

  6. Am i the only one who likes boosted photos? 😅😅 Idk why but i did not like the pixel photos, they are not attractive. I showed this video to my friends and they have the same opinion as mine. 😅

  7. I don't know why but I feel that the video is more focused on the Pixel 7a, in many occurrences Pixel is performing worse than OnePlus and Vivo but still the anchor is stating that Pixel is taking better pics

  8. I don't get you. The emphasis is on Pixel 7A taking the most natural shots. But, if to wonder, this is what OnePlus tried to do with the first Hasselblad lineup, and they practically failed to promote their great natural shots.

    The bottom line is, in social media, who wants to portray the natural dullness of the everyday world.
    We all look for a filter, One+ and Vivo, just deliver them beforehand.

    I'd rather have a blind camera test and have an open poll to have the viewers choose bw the best shot amongst the 3. How does that sound to you?

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