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  1. Took me a little longer to put this together than I expected, but as always, I hope it was worth the wait – I need to sleep now been up for 24 hours lol – love you guys
    Also thank you for 15 Million! ♥

  2. I've never gotten the worry about human connection being ruined by technology, but maybe that's because without technology, I wouldn't BE connecting with people. It's only through technology that I'm able to connect with others and have shared experiences with other people. But I'm weird, since I'm a (probably autistic) introvert shrug

  3. The best as always. I was thinking so much of this when watching and you’re the first YouTuber to lay it all out. Great content! 🎉

  4. You are so right, they have been building up towards this practicing starting small and seeing what works and doesn’t work and what changes they can make to make their inventions even bigger, pretty smart bc I didn’t expect it, I was wondering what our first huge future modern change would be, it’s starting out with this.

  5. I think another tech company maybe samsung or a new brand will make a more ergonomic, better and cheaper version of this product in the years to come. Apple will also definitely develop and make a better one which will be much smaller and more useful. Because tbh this does not look good or useful. and with only 2hrs per charge it will not fit into any normal person's everyday life

  6. I'll save you all 12 minutes of your life. Its absolutely NOT worth 3500 and will NOT replace the phone, computer, etc. It will struggle to make headway for a few years, then flop.

    Gotta admit tho… the one way to really take phone zombie society to the next level is to just completely cover ones face in the phone…

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