The State of Augmented Reality Hardware

The State of Augmented Reality Hardware

Just as Apple is expected to announce its mixed reality headset, we visit this year’s Augmented World Expo and demo the latest in …


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  1. This was great norm. Excited to hear your thoughts on the beam. Im very on the fence on that ecosystem, sounds like their next release should be a lil brighter, little more fov, and a little more resolution and that would be a winner. Rokid max has the brighter and wider fov screen, swaps the resolution boost for faster refresh but doesnt have a beam like accessory. The industry seems so close to being great

  2. I’m a historian. Let me know when I can experience living in another time interacting with historical figures. I’d love to talk to Thomas Jefferson.

  3. TLDW;

    AR is still a very sad gimmick with no real-world applications. No one wants to use these products, even if they were perfect and cost nothing. Companies are throwing billions down the drain into AR in order to continue to defraud the US government and lie to shareholders. All of these companies are bleeding cash and using the consumer confusion to their advantage to make more e-waste that distracts from real problems.
    Respecting engineers don't touch this industry for a good reason, it's all BS. AR is not "the future", people do not want floating widgets and screens, and enough people understand how relying on such a HUD would be immensely dangerous for a number of reasons.

    VR is dead now that a giant evil social media company bought the industry, and less people are using these devices because of the massive downgrade in standardized computing power of mobile XR2 performance. VR is nothing more than an expensive toy for small children that mostly sits on a shelf to collect dust. AR R&D is nothing more than a distraction to steal and hoard money for executives, and the video game industry has found that the least amount of effort and cost into creating products still results in a positive profit margin (mostly because the vast majority of users are small children).
    Honestly tired of seeing this garbage. Wish a reputable and knowledgeable company would actually create something viable like Valve has done, but I'm starting to think that will not be possible. Today's tech is tainted by last-stage capitalism.

  4. I'm still waiting on 'AR' that isn't just floating displays, when it actually interacts with the world then its truly augmenting reality

  5. For those watching this video in the future😂 this video literally came out 8 hours before apple announced the Vision Pro 😂 everything in this video legit became irrelevant-ish! 😂

  6. AR/VR will never be as present as smartphones.

    You can use smartphone anywhere, while AR/VR makes sense only in certain environments.

  7. The nreal stuff needs a whole lot more work. Right now it's a tech demo at best and no real product. They need to take a hard look at the qol features the VR industry has.

  8. I feel bad for any company who heavily invested into AR after that expo before seeing Apple’s event lol. You just know some hapless business was just enough out of the loop.

  9. I've been waiting decades for AR to take the leap into making mundane tasks (like vacuuming or mowing) a really pleasing experience.

  10. I kinda like the limited field of view on that virtual laptop. Personally an endless fov might be overwhelming to me, plus being able to look away to talk to someone might be good. I looooove the privacy tho!

  11. I've never been able to afford 3D 'glasses'. Apple certainly aren't viewing me as a 'target audience' lol. Sadly, at my age, I fear my natural vision is not going to be able to cope with any form of development as they all seem to rely on very close optics. I struggle to read a book these days at any distance. But I was there at the beginning of the computer age, er, actually Pong wasn't that good really, was it? Darn.

  12. Can do you meet the muppets performers and characters For Me Please from the Jim Henson company sesame workshop and the muppets studio

  13. You don't do that podcast anymore?
    Where's that other guy that you do that podcast with?
    Hello? So, no response??

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