Smartphones: It’s Time to Confront Our Global Addiction | Dr. Justin Romano | TEDxOmaha

Smartphones: It’s Time to Confront Our Global Addiction | Dr. Justin Romano | TEDxOmaha

We are entering a new pandemic of addiction that might be the most pervasive in human history – and it might surprise you to …


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  1. 14:50 Unfortunately government privacy laws prevent data from actually being useful in large scale research. I genuinely think that we need to re-think our global obsession with privacy and allow anonymised data to be used by researchers.

  2. You'd greatly benefit from exploring "A Life Unplugged: Reclaiming Reality in a Digital Age" by Theodore Blazel on this matter. It left a significant impression on me.

  3. I like the mobile phone movement. If 30% takes the simcard out of the smartphone and put it in a old fashioned mobile phone we buy, we won't be forced to let our smartphone become our identity. Although they try to have 100% of the people having a smartphone worldwide.
    The smartphone can still be used for photos, videos, music etc.

  4. This is why I am actually grateful to Apple for the release of their Watch. I can leave my house without my phone, and it still be able to access the necessities, like my wallet, health status and emergencies. More minimalist technology is what we need in our lives, beneficial and in the background. Only to support our lives, not control it.

  5. I believe people who are addicted to the phone also want instant gratification. It would be difficult for them to watch this talk in a single way. No doubt why this talk has very few views.

  6. I totally agree, but there are few things hard to deal in this case, first it is biiiiig business meaning somebody making big 💰 out of it, it is also perfect tool for brainwashing, for surveillance of people, especially targeting youth, and finally this is probably without a doubt biggest step in human evolution, today in your hand and tomorrow inside your body, they say it will make our life better even i think we will pay high price, i hope that somehow we will wakeup and fight because future looks dark in this case

  7. Love this video. Made it a favourite and sharing it with everyone I know. For those in the thralls of addiction, may I suggest a course of action. Wait until your vacation and travel somewhere nice. Leave emergency number for work and only check that at night. Leave all Smartphones, Tables, Laptops in Hotel Room. DO NOT LOOK AT THEM. The first two or three days are going to be rough, but by the end of the week you are going to feel totally liberated. The addiction is real folks. The narrator is even understating the problem. It is destroying us.

  8. Star Trek The next generation episode "The Game" in 1987 had the same exact scenario of a addictive device that looked exactly like a cell phone in one of their shows.
    In today's world Addicts stop their drug use abruptly when their cell phone battery Dies and run to charge it first. Apple Corporation makes the Cartel look like children. Some cell phone junkies walk in front of fast moving cars and care less about getting hit by a car than taking their eyes off the phone. According to a study losing a cell phone is as stressfull than going to jail or losing a loved one!

  9. Watching this and seeing it only has 31,000 views kind of backs the concept that no one wants to face this addiction or talk about it because we are almost all dealing with it in some way.

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