PlayStation Portal Review: Everything you NEED to know

Review and unboxing of the NEW PlayStation Portal, a handheld gaming device that lets you play your PS4 and PS5 games on …


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  1. So it's basically a streaming tablet that depends on that controller embeled Frankenstein. Hope you never break the controller or buttons don't get fucked. Else good luck changing it. It's just a gimmick for toddlers that have rich parents.

  2. This thing is literally trash of all trash if yall smart just buy a steam deck….my understanding is it just cloud gaming device so why not just use your phone or extra phone? Paying money to stream your ps5? Sounds like soney knows their fans are dumb lol maybe if this would be 50 bucks sure but paying more is dumb it's a table that streams your ps5…lmao Sony dummy

  3. One thing this video didn't mention but might be obvious is that you CAN use it as an additional controller as well. I already have two, but it doesn't hurt to have this.

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