Special guest Thinking Crypto Topics Ripple XRP EOY PRICE EXIT PLAN.. MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY

I am truly honored to have Thinking Crypto on the show covered all topics .. Exit plan… EOY prediction.. Bear Market Bull Market.. also Thinking Crypto Will be at Crypto Con in... Read more »

Perma-bulls Place XRP at $500…. Ripple’s New Ad Is Brutally Honest

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse unfolds the future plans of the company Read more at http://globalcoinreport.com/ripple-xrp-ceo-talks-about-future-plans-of-firm/ Saudi/UAE digital currency goes live in Q1 Ryan Zagone Ripple Regulator Pepe on XRP in Melbourne ==================... Read more »

Ripple Earthport Coinbase same investors same team. Coinbase custody 8 Billion 300 million

Coinbase is now valued at $8B after closing new $300M round backed by $1 TRILLION INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY GETTING SERIOUS ABOUT CRYPTO Andreessen Horowitz backs Coinbase and Ripple Death of wall street... Read more »

Ripple released 3 billion XRP……Coinbase IPO….START YOUR DAY WITH CKJ

Ripple Co-founder believes XRP to be an efficient asset in solving the world liquidity problem World’s Largest Crypto Exchange OKEx to Delist 50+ Trading Pairs Due to ‘Weak’ Performance Ripple released 3... Read more »

Payment Giant Visa Is Prepared to Go Crypto,

Ripple’s technology is “of enormous importance to us”, states R3 member Nordea Bank CEO VeChain Signs MoU for Blockchain Development with Cyprus US: IRS Advisory Committee Calls for Additional Guidelines on Crypto... Read more »

XRP Tipbot now on Google play store ..Ripple Says XRP Cryptocurrency Sales Doubled in Q3 2018

And it’s LIVE! ? The @xrptipbot App. Now available in the Google Play Store and Apple AppStore ? Up to 20 XRP per tip ? Tell your favourite restaurant, bar, pub, store,... Read more »

XRP vs BTC The US-China Battle of Global Supremacy Enters Cryptocurrency Industry

BlackRock has formed a team to look into ways to take advantage of the cryptocurrency market and bl Big BG Ripple CEO set to be part of Mars Blockchain Summit alongside reps... Read more »

The White House Expresses Support For Ripple… 11K SUB celebration

Apple’s Steve Wozniak Co-Founds Blockchain-Focused Venture Capital Fund Binance Launches Its First Fiat-Crypto Exchange in Uganda Active Customers Drop by 80% on Coinbase, Suggests New Study G Mail Jc306954@gmail.com —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- FACEBOOK FOLLOW... Read more »

Rob_Cash on Ripple XRP…. XRP life changing Opportunity ….

Rob Cash on the set. He has a fresh, unique view on Ripple XRP. I asked Rob Cash his thoughts on all the hottest topics in the XRP community. I asked him... Read more »

insight from the XRP Community. 589, Exit plan. HODL XRP Moon, AJI

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