5 Gadgets That Will Give You REAL Superpowers

Who wouldn’t want to be a superhero?! Or have real superpowers? These are the best and latest inventions that will actually give you real life super powers! Here are 5 Gadgets That Will Give…


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  1. I want green witch powers when I was little I messed around with potions and I had green fire and it’s gone now I want it back :,(

  2. that's not real that's fake you're just making it look like that there's a background or something if there's not background they just edited it

  3. now the far shooter whatever that's real because anybody can do that you can even make yourself breathe fire you can catch a hand on fire and you won't feel it but sometimes it doesn't really work

  4. Fake fake fake fake, superman ain't real, god has powers because he owns everything existing / including what we have. You can't get super powers Fake fake fake fake.

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