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  1. Last time I checked sports were just games too, I can kick a ball around with my friends as easily as I can sit down on my PC and play a game. The difference is doing it at an extremely high level of skill and practice which is where both have their own differences.

  2. Honestly these people hating on this are close minded af… eSPORTS are played for an audience, for entertainment, money, glory, bragging rights, eSPORTS have teams, they compete at the highest level. Football, Soccer, basketball, baseball, all are the exact same. If you don't see that you're blind as all hell. The real kicker is that these sports aren't rigged like the physical sports I named. Please go educate yourself.

  3. Video games are completley different than athletics. I dont even think athletes should make the money they do. These faggots playing games their whole lives dont deserve it either.

  4. It's odd seeing this stuff on this channel but this esport thing is growing bigger and bigger in the US. Good on ESPN for jumping on earlier than most.

  5. Good job on bringing this video out ESPN. Only small minded people hate on something they don't know about. Just stay in your lane if you have no interest.

  6. It's all games so stop complaining. None of them are actual things we need. It's just entertainment. Doesn't matter if it's a computer game or real like football.

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