The Best Latest Drones of 2018 – Newest 4K Camera Drones

After launching of DJI Mavic pro, Spark and Phantom 4 Pro DJI launched DJI Mavic Air, most portable DJI drone to house a 3-axis gimbal, it can shoot 8K Sphere …


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  1. From the headline the video thumb I thought it's a new drone and better than the mavic air… loool
    Actually PowerVision is something very amazing!

  2. 2018год и.. ни один из этих дронов не может вести цель (преследовать) по склону ниже точки взлёта )) Ни на одном из этих дронов не предусмотрено дополнительного модуля-маячка для прикрепления к преследуемой цели и возможности отслеживания в толпе, через деревья и проч-проч.. ))) Так может хватит уже безконечно ширять в глаза этим никому не нужным 4К, а сделать хоть один дрон, который бы мог действительно приносить пользу, а не быть игрушкой на пару часов и горьким разочарованием впоследстии ? )

  3. The people that make these promos demonstrate exactly the same bovine stupidity and lack of creativity that I use to encounter when I worked in the ad industry in London. The musical choices are as hilariously predictable as they are crass: 1. EDM, 2. rock, 3. rap. For fucks sake, have some imagination you halfwits, and try to remember what it is you're actually supposed to be doing, selling drones, that's the job,  now stick to it.

  4. Does mavic air have real time obstruction ? Seriously r u kidding ? Is it reallymove around the object and do not stop ? Noooooooooooooo liersss

  5. Theres so many on the market no good if you cant try them out first . I live in the uk so we need drones that can fly in wet weather but no one gets the idea . Shame no one asks the right people there all great in sunny weather but the fact its always raining kinda gose un noticed send some to me lets see if they fly in all conditions

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