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  1. Question: In order for me to get a third primary weapon I need to take out a liutenant in the game. How do I do this?? Question: I can't figure out a way to get rid of some loot so i can collect more skins, is there a way to get rid of some stuff?

  2. far cry is the only shooter franchise which i love. I love the aesthetic. it's so unique.

    it feels like every shooter game has got WWII/Space settings. but far cry makes the exception. ?

  3. brother walks in room me: i'm going to predict the review score
    brother: mmm whats do you think
    me: a 9 or a 8
    brother: i bet it's a 8.9
    8.9 Great
    brother: i knew it

  4. I'm still laughing at those kids who reviewed hate that a guy talking bad about Obama makes me feel uncomfortable but kill and catching people on fire is fine. Oh no not all rednecks who are Republicans aren't evil? My world is shattered.

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