Is The Samsung Galaxy S9 Worth The Hype?

Time for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ Join the Club – The Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are the latest flagship devices from Samsung. The S9…


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  2. Taking my iphone X back for a money refund today. The face recognition occasionally unreliable, the screen locks then won't allow me to shut phone calls down, applications freeze. Apple care don't care. I paid AUD 1,925.00 for it. I also have a MOTO Z Force. MUCH better phone. I paid AUD 629.00 for it including the moto mod battery pack.

  3. This review is pretty bad. I'm surprised man. Usually your reviews are much more thorough and this one seems pretty biased as well.

  4. I think that if your gonna spend a geebo on a phone you should get a case and not risk it. If you drop that phone and it shatters the front screen is like $500 the back is like $100. Just don't risk it period …

  5. I don't get it, does people really care about the barely noticeable camera differences? maybe i'm just not a photo guy. but when i look at google pixel, i think to myself, boy is that shit ugly. I love google too, i own google home, google wifi, and love their stuff overall. the pixel was hideous and still is.

    I honestly think the only real upside that is truly legitimate is the fact that obviously you receive the fastest updates for android

  6. any Samsung phone is worthless ,never gets upgrade ,even the very expensive S7E S8, go fuck yourself Samsung.
    I guess Samsung pays lots of money to youtubers to say nice things about Samsung phone. btw, $99 iphone se still gets upgrades.

  7. I have a Galaxy S5 and i have to upgrade my phone because my S5 is dying 🙁
    The point is, that i dont know what should i buy, the Galaxy S9 or the iPhone X.
    Pls guys help me out and tell me your recommendations.

  8. Had the lg v30 and broke the screen so i changed to the 9+ and i consider the v30 a little better but the 9+ is still solid. i sorta wish i wouldve just gotten another v30 but ehhh!

  9. Phones have reach their pinnacle in technology! This is a sure sign from Samsung it already achieve its full potential save for some extremely minor improvements.

  10. I currently have an s7 and an upgrade to the s9 isn't worth it the s9+ seems like a true upgrade still am pleased with s7 though on the other side apple currently has the strongest chip but not headphone jack or expansions slots I'd like to see if Nokia will come up with that penta lens phone

  11. ….a ten minute video on the phone and mentions 0 specs besides the camera??? is it a prank? do I need to start uploading tech reviews again? is it April fools? so confused

  12. Rather than Samsung listened, they had originally planned to have fingerprint sensor below on S8 but didn't manage to get the technology out in time (smth about overlap positioning or whatevs I didn't read into it)
    So it was out for S9

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