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  1. Hey dude I love your videos from one I watch your old I found the old video of you playing VR Minecraft it's so hilarious really make more make a series out of this please

  2. Waiting for your controller is too long. Buy a Vive Pro instead.

    (Just kidding. In a more serious way, do you think buying it?)

  3. Gorn is definitely the best hands down there is no better game than Gorn. it is so fun! did you have a bad day at work? Did you have a bad day at school? Are you a school shooter not willing to throw away your life? Then look no further than gorn the game where you can take out your anger for hours and hours and hours destroying people making you feel immortal! I mean seriously what’s better than beating the shit out of an army of giant man babies?

  4. Looking down this looks like a serious top list from josh (not that I would mind a non serious one, But I like josh's vr game tastes so his recommendations would be good too)

  5. You know what Josh, I watch you alot and realised i've never subbed. You sir deserve a sub. Thanks for making your videos dude.

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