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  1. Ok. I can deal with Subnautica. I can deal with AC Origins. But I CAN NOT LET THIS GO. HOW DO YOU RANK CUPHEAD LOWER THAN FORTNITE. You have crossed the line IGN.

  2. Blaming the game for randomization and side-scrolling platforms? Okay, I can understand the second one because NOBODY likes side-scrolling, but randomization is what makes the game's difficulty special. If you make each boss pattern the same, it's going to be predictable and you'll be able to win the fight easily. So what if one pattern could be easier or more difficult than the other. You never know which one it's going to be and that's what makes it great

  3. This game didn't take me that long to beat, and that includes the Expert difficulties too. In the past, I've played a ton of "stage" video games like Cuphead, such as the Metal Slug series, Contra, Rayman, Megaman series, Megaman and Bass, Megaman X series, and Megaman Zero series since childhood. Compared to those games, I'd say that while Cuphead did provide a pretty decent challenge, I personally don't think it was as arduous as the ones I've played in the past. Those games were way harder, trust me.

    A lot of bosses had similar themes to the games I've played in the past. For example, for the boss named Hilda Berg, when that boss was in its final form with the UFO's and stuff, it was very similar to the final boss of Metal Slug 4. If you just look up "Metal Slug 4 final boss" on YouTube, you'll see what I mean.

    And what I really liked about Cuphead was that the game came with dashing abilities. Perfect! Because the games I've played in the past, like Megaman and Bass, Megaman X, and Megaman Zero all had dashing abilities installed into the game too.

    Overall, I think Cuphead was a well-made game. I was really surprised by the old art style the game had–immediately reminded me of my childhood when I used to watch all those old Disney shows and movies. Obviously, Cuphead literally looks like a Mickey Mouse with only his head looking different. I really loved the crazy but innovative ideas that these creators made. All the bosses turning into all sorts of funky forms and same for the Run-and-Gun monsters.

    So, if you're thinking of buying Cuphead, then go for it! Just remember, however, that if you're not someone who has played a lot of "stage" video games in the past, you will find yourself stuck a lot. Try not to rage 🙂 And don't give up!

  4. This guy criticized the RNG element of this game calling it frustrating. He is clearly a noob. Without that element this game won't be fun!

  5. Dear StudioMDHR, I would sacrifice frame perfect hand drawn animation for a digital substitute if it meant we get a cuphead 2 or DLC in at least half the time.

  6. One of the Xbox Game of the year, However this game is Boss battle marathon way more focus with little bit of Platformer Stages. If there’s more of Stages, then it’s better.

  7. Such a bad game i want to sue this game for bad gameplay and hard bosses. my friend told there is perfect game calld cuphead and i decided to download the game i started to play and i loved the game but one month ago this game started to annoy me

  8. When I was on the Devil fight, I swore to myself that I would always hate the developers for making it so difficult. Once I beat him, I broke that promise and now love it again, haha.

  9. how does the difficulty compare to dark souls 3 lets just say dark souls 3 is 5/10 and cupehad is?/10 what is that question mark

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