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  1. I still get bugs almost every time i play today! Got stuck exisiting a building, stuck before using a terminal, cannot build things in crafting mode, major slow downs at times on PS4… i have never seen any games this buggy.
    So much useless junk and not enough carrying space. I played another 20 hours and still use the same outfit for my character, simply because there is hardly any better ones. There are really strong enemies, but beating them gives little reward, the loot from them is crap. What do you get when beating a legendary Deathclaw? Its meat, no thanks. Some enemies moves so freaking fast, it’s impossible to shoot them. There was an invisible bot who can kill me in two hits even when i am wearing power amour. WTF? Took me 10 tries to kill it, and did not get any reward…
    This game gets 9.5??
    Well, i give this review 3/10.

  2. Me reading through the comments: sighs nothing satisfies gamers these days,not even this fantastic game,even though it has some flaws.

  3. The bulletspongin' in this game is beyond belief.. Works in fo1 and 2 not 3d.. never did. Put armor on them if a dog takes 7 headshots to the face.. or 13

  4. This game is barely a 6, if that. It is nothing like the previous entries in the series, mislead consumers into thinking they were buying an RPG rather than an open world shooter, the writing is awful, the story is terrible, the role playing is absent, the characters are dull, the quests are linear and almost always combat focused, the dialogue system is an abomination, and so forth. One of the most disappointing games I have ever had the misfortune of playing. In fact, this game has convinced me that Bethesda can’t make a good Fallout game to save their lives, and so I won’t be purchasing any more of their games until they fix their bullshit. Even if Fallout 5 is twice as good as 4, it will be worth skipping.

  5. Fallout 4 is just a FPS with the brand name and some fallout 3 lore shoved in.
    It’s not even remotely similar to any of the previous fallout games, although it is no doubt a good game, it’s probably one of the worst fallout games.

  6. Man people find every way to complain about this game, yea it has its flaws and there are better fallout games (fallout NV is my favorite) but its a pretty fun game and I don't regret buying it.

  7. bearly got an Xbox one the other day and this game with it never played a fallout game before is it a massive world like they talk about ?

  8. I only recently started to get into Fallout series and other Bethesda games except the new Doom which I played first and absolutely loved it. I started with Fallout 3 and now I can't stop playing it, it's so addicting. Can't wait to play New Vegas and 4 ?, and also Oblivion and Skyrim (yeah yeah, I know I'm late to the party, but better now than never ?).

  9. Bought GOTY edition, played for half and hour, uninstalled 🙂 IMHO it is not even 1/4 of New Vegas quality. Well, and I'm not comparing this game to two first legendary titles, which didn't make me sleep. This has beautiful postapo world…that's all. If you like it, no problem, but I think…potential not fully expanded.

  10. Even I didn’t like this game the first couple of hours. But as the story move forward and I got use to the environment, it was impossible for me to keep the controller down. The game is amazing. All the hates in the comments are all self proclaim ‘one day gamer’ who jumped from candy crush to console games.

  11. Now I haven't played this yet, but I've played only a little bit of Fallout NV and Fallout 3. Both were amazing IMO. I don't care if this isn't like the other traditional Bethesda games that only follow an RPG path. Why not have a little diversity? I'm excited to get it mainly because of customizable weapons and base-building… oh, and mods for the PS4. Still, this game looks great and even though I haven't actually played it, I still feel like i'll be satisfied. (It'll be my Christmas present anyways, so at least I won't be wasting my money on it if I bought it and didn't like it.)

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