Google Pixel 2 Unboxing! (Best Android 8.0 Features)

Second look at Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL with the retail boxes! Live wallpapers: Backdrops app:…


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  1. Kind of a dumb question but does the Pixel 2 XL Box comes inside another box when ordered by Google Store? If I want to buy one from the US store to my country, the package need to have the IMEI on the box or label

  2. I just got a pixel 2 xl and after a full 24 hours of use I can say I like the hell out of the thing. I switched from an iPhone X for this and don't regret it.

  3. this is definitely a phone i would be interested in a few years from now when they evolve a bit more! it'll be amazing i think. otherwise, this phone is beautiful and the fluidity of it is incredibly nice.

  4. I am really glad I found this video. You’re videos are very good and you definitely influenced my decision for getting the Pixel 2! Keep making awesome videos! ?

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