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  1. great, another walking simulator, no more games for old school players, just walking simulators and extremely simple shooters like cs go and pubg, damn…

  2. NOTE to those who read this comment, the story isn't the engaging type it takes a back seat as in the story will unfold with progression

  3. I'm really enjoying this game! There are multiple modes to play on also; Freedom, survival, hardcore, and creative to suit your playing style. It's gorgeous on high settings and resolution and the audio is well done. This is what No Man's Sky should have been.

  4. Got the demo years ago, fast forward to a week ago, I can not stop playing this, was semi into survivals but after this OOMMGG!!!!

  5. lol unkillable i have killed every leviathan in my game without cheats/commands only using the knife and stasis rifle. Reapers take about 126 hits ghosts take 300 and the dragons take 500+ good thing theirs only 3 of them. large fish never respawn so i killed all the crab squids also

  6. The game loses all of its appeal when you realize that there are only like 5 different AI for all of the creatures, and you’re invincible to all but 3. Plus the whole end game from the LR onward is just a drag, and the games a buggy mess.

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