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The good and teh bad news in the cryptocurrency market today! We’re going on a crypto bear run! Crypto News!
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    Use to exchange USD for BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC and vise versa. Its owned by coinable and if you are a market maker there are no fee's. Basically you just need to place a limit order to avoid the fee's. Gdax regular market fee's are also not that bad. Their candle stick charts and order book is also very helpful. Cheers!

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  5. Always good to hear you. I guess this bear market will be a little bit longer. Let's hope not so much. 0xEc015555B57f96355fa7D2f16D5763b83371737E

  6. Starting to get very suspicious of this Chanel, INS is brand new its dropped 66% ish in less than 6 weeks, how the hell can you see this as a great buying opportunity?, going to the casino and slapping your money on red seems like less risk!

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