You’ve Never Seen Virtual Reality Like This! Mixed Reality Changes How You Share Your VR Experience!

Mixed Reality allows you to place a physical camera inside of the 3D world and watch yourself from a 3rd person perspective playing the game in VR. This is achieved by using a green screen…


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  1. I have a question I understand green screen and how you put him into the video game but what I don't understand is the fact that he is in a frame of the game that he is not looking at….on walking the plank he is looking out from his view but we are actually seeing him from his view while he walked the plank how do you get the game to see that perspective when you do the green screen?

  2. This is the best video about mixed reality on the internet! Congrats! Could you help me? I own a oculus rift and have a third controller. How do I use it to track the camera? I managed to place the virtual camera watching another video you posted, but can't find any info about how I use a third controller to track the camera. Could you help me? Pretty please? Thank you in advanced!

  3. please i need help. i got a second computer and an elgato capture card going to OBS but i dont understand how to get what im saying in my VR mic to show up on my second computer. i can mirror the sound to elgato and get the games sound but i cant get what is in my mic. please help me

  4. I don't see where Mixed Reality comes in? Seems to be fully Virtual Reality to me? Or am I missing something? Can someone give me the timing where MR is addressed? Sry >.<

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