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Injustice 2 reviewed by Darry Huskey on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Injustice 2 The Movie (All Cutscenes) 1080p 60fps: Injustice 2 Graphics Comparison:…


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  1. Dc has always been dark story wise but that’s why I like it more then marvels don’t get me wrong I love marvel an dc i Just prefer dc characters more an story lore over marvel but I don’t like their shitty Hollywood movies an marvel destroys them in that category I wish marvel had this type of gameplay but both games are completely different in combat systems I only play mkx an injustice 2 type games in other words games made by neather realms studios

  2. I actually like the dark take on characters. Exploring the dark side of characters kind of gave me a new perspective on how I look at them.

  3. I think the story in Injustice was one of the best parts in an otherwise average game (IMO).
    I reallly want to like Injustice 2, but it got the same problems as MK (especially the inauthentic animations and the controls).

  4. I fell like Ledger’s Joker should and should have been the norm for every depiction of the Joker for pretty much everything, including Injustice. It’s by far the best portrayal and you just can’t go wrong with it.

  5. Wow the comments are really going in on the reviewer lol, it's best to have someone review the game that is more than familiar with the topic, genre, and game… how does IGN mess this up continually putting reviewers on the wrong games we may never know, so the review score and opinion isn't valid at all, that's like trying to get me to review minecraft, and mind you I'm not the mindcraft type of player but I'll review it if they wanted me to lol… and why would you compare Capcom's street fighter V's combos to Neather Realm's MK – DC injustice system combos lol, 2 different fighters and completely different feels… That's like comparing Ryu to Liu Kang not possible and will never happen lol… and Neather Reallm doesn't make happy stories they're bread and butter is Mortal Kombat so expect the same great dark feel MK delivers to it's brother game Injustice… all in all the game is on sale till Monday on xbox live for the black Friday weekend sales for 19.99, so I came for the review to persuade me, luckily reading the comments by you guys made me get it lol, dark and grim is right up my alley I'm not looking for lolli pops and flowers with a happy ending and everyone lives or with no harbor hatred for one another, (Berserk is the best anime of all time), this isn't 1990 something anymore lol… Thanks Guys

  6. Everyone is hating on Naomi when she’s just the one reading it! Don’t shoot the messenger people! Let’s raise our pitchforks and murder this Darry Huskey guy! We’ll tear him up like husky dogs and meat lol.

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