Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: The Ultimate Smartphone?

Samsung’s flagship smartphone for 2017! Bluetooth 5.0 Explained: Galaxy S8 skins: Video Gear I use:…


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  1. My daughter had the iris thing on hers, she had her 2 sisters try unlock it, both times it unlocked. She uses the number pin to lock now. Haha

  2. Kids: will fight over which is better iphone x or the s8

    Men: will compare iphone x with samsung galaxy s8

    Legends: will own one of them

    Ultra-legends: will own both s8 and iphone x

  3. Was super pumped about this phone, but 6 months later, it started lagging a bit here and there. Overall a nice phone, but seriously I expected more from a flagship phone

  4. My S8 stopped working all of a sudden just after 8 months, that too with very minimal usage. I have never installed or played any games in it, the only Apps I used most are WhatsApp, Instagram, Gmail, Chrome Browser and Google Maps. It didn't have any physical damage. I have immersed it in water only once and that too for under a minute. The only issue I had been facing was, the ear speaker was very low for the last few weeks, it was too low that I had to use headphone or put on speaker.

    On Mar 14, 2018, while I was just browsing Instagram, the App all of a sudden stopped working and automatically got closed.
    And when I tried to open it again after a couple of minutes, the phone got switched off and that was it, it never switched back on after it. It used to happen earlier, the phone used to get hanged and would restart automatically, but this time it never restarted back. I tried all the options, tried to connect it to a charger, there was no sign of charging, the red led light was not on. Then I tried to hold the volume down and power button together for more than 30 secs, still, it was not turning on.

    Thank God this happened during the warranty period, so Samsung agreed to get it fixed after I ship it to them. My Samsung S3 which I bought in 2012 still works good and I'm using it now until I get back my S8. The only issue is the battery is draining very fast, I even tried to get a replacement battery, but it was of no help either. The phone still runs on Android Kitkat, that might be the cause of the battery draining. Now I'll be having a second thought to go again for a Samsung phone going forward. 🙁

  5. I’ve use the s8+ more than a year now “exynos version(SM-G955FD)”. The phone stutter and hang a lot, but after Oreo update it work really well, I’m really impressed, everything you do it’s really snappy. The thing that I want to complain are: 1. Battery life is at most average around 3 hours screen on time. 2. The speaker is suck. 3. The fingerprint sensor position, well after use it for a while I’m kind of get used to it, but still not an ideal position. 4. It stutter!!! To be exact when you scroll like in Facebook( it getting worse when you scroll inside the page) and in the internet(its the problem of all Samsung phone anyway). Well except those issues the phone still perform really well, unlike the previous Samsung phone I use before. If you can live with those problem above I’m differently recommend the s8+ instead of s9+. It’s a lot cheaper now compare to the new s9+ and trust me it performs really really well.

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  7. You know what annoys me about reviewers nowadays they tell you whats good and bad about the flagship noting what's bad is not a big deal whereas on a mid range they tell you good and bad noting how it's still not good enough you know they get paid to kiss Samsung or apples ass

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