Google Pixel 2 Impressions!

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have arrived. Is it for you? Pixel 2: Top 5 Android O Features: Video Gear I use: http://kit.c…


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  1. Google Pixel 3 XL wish list!
    – Full bezel-less SuperAMOLED display manufacturered by Samsung! NO! NOTCH!! PLEASE!! ☹️???
    – Full aluminum unibody with glass back.
    – Wireless charging ??⚡
    – Dual speakers tuned by AKG or even Bose! ????
    – Snapdragon 845 ( or rumored S846)??
    -Copperheat piping to keep CPU cooler ❄️
    – IP68 water and dust resistance. ??
    – Colors: panda ?, all black ✴️, all white including the display?.
    -‎ Stock Andriod 9.0 ?

  2. Google just show that they don't stand by anything they actually try to brag about. They said when original google pixel came out that headphone jack should stay, but with google pixel 2 they ditched it. Now they brag about there's no need to have dual camera in their phones, can they stand to their word this time?

  3. Makes me mad (after months) that the headphone is missing…even though I have wireless headphones sometimes I run out of battery but I always carry the cable so I can plug it in but…it won't work in a few years, apparently.

  4. Hi. Google pixel 2 is an excellent ?… This guy is an excellent tech reviewer and i urge everybody to follow if interested in comprehensive reviews… Tc

  5. Who the fuck buy this phone this stupid phone only offer little bit better camera….samsung and apple are better when it comes to spec.. because the quality is better.. feels more premium… no audio jack….. at least apple give you an option… samsung the best phone whih give every bit of shit they can offer for you fuckers.. expanding memory, audio jack, better audio recording and camera decent…strong what could you ask for more and strong water and dust resistance… this pixel phone is cheap piece of shit

  6. I would like to see more screen real-estate on a smaller bodied phone. Maximize screen, minimize bulk! Not a fan of a gigantic phone taking up my whole friggin' pocket. I'm rocking the 6 and won't be ponying up any dough until these phone makers put their best foot forward. This is like Dodge launching the Demon without AWD, it's just burning rubber until the better sh*t comes out.

  7. Geez. Think of the amount of technology you (and we ) have in our hands with a phone like this…and you're complaining about the size of the side bezels?! seriously?
    If that's a genuine complaint, then you must be living a bougie life.

  8. The phone looks great but there is no way on God's green earth I'd pay $1000 for a phone that's only been in the market for 2 years…….nope…….no deal

  9. Dial – 1844-353-5969 toll free to get insant support if your google pixel is not working. Feel free to call us we are happy to help you out in every possible way.

  10. After watching 2017 best phones had to watch this again 10-4 that was a good day. Hmm Google Pixel XL?

  11. The Pixel 2 is awesome .
    I really like it I was gonna buy a iPhone 6s but Pixel is better than that . I phone barely has enough storage but this has unlimited storage incredible . But the no headphone jack killed it .

  12. I have recently bought pixel 2, but song detection and Google assistant on squeeze is not working, can you please guide me on how to activate them?

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