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  1. I just completed this and it felt amazing. Still haven’t mastered all the weapons but the ending has an awesome surprise that you’ll love! They did a really good job on this game ??

  2. bad review. nioh does not deserve a higher score than bloodborne or dark souls 3. various enemies and levels? seriously? you fight against the same few enemies through the whole game in a few random locales that all pretty much feel the same.

  3. Oh man . The game was actually difficult for me so I didn't complete it . Nioh makes you extra careful even more than bloodborne + that there are no shortcuts in a mission and no good weapon upgrade or armor

  4. So Team Ninja, the creators of the Ninja Gaiden games decided to make a ninja/samurai game thats more like Dark Souls.

  5. I've gotten into this game and it's soooo amazing!!! Loved dark souls AND ninja gaiden, and this is a dream come true to see those games getting mixed up. Even some of the fighting sounds are from ninja gaiden!

  6. I played the same part of the same level countless times because I could not get to the next checkpoint. Every enemy was capable of killing me in three or four blows but required twice that to defeat. I felt overmatched and frustrated. No reviews mention this, but it’s readily apparent in forums. This is the minority opinion, but I’m surprised it hasn’t come up in reviews.

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