The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review

We deliver the final verdict on Nintendo’s ambitious, open-world adventure game. 5 Ways The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Defies Expectations…


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  1. Is this the best game of all time? It got GOTY it got 96 on metacritic based on more than 100 reviews and ocarina of time got 98 based on a few reviews, who agree with me?

  2. I do love the game play, exploration, overall beauty and all the blood sweat and tears that went into this game. However, I don't believe it to be a Zelda game that rivals that of ocarina of Time, Majora's mask, and other masterpieces. Zelda's character development would have been great, except there's things in it that didn't quite make sense for me to get connected. I had to hear a different perspective from someone on the internet before that actually made sense. Plus, the dungeons? The shrines? Some had creative ideas, without a doubt, but the vast majority of the shrines felt unmemorable. I liked the puzzles from previous Zelda games that actually challenged my problem solving skills, yet this one doesn't even seem interested in that.

    One complaint I do have, though, that may or may not affect it's overall quality, is the action in this game, specifically fighting monsters and creatures. It's rather disturbing how slashing a sword at a moblin can create flesh tearing sounds. Then there's hunting animals. dear lord, I feel terrible when I hit a pig in the head and it screams in pain. I don't know. That is realistic, I suppose, and it does in a sense give a bit more depth, but I find it hard to accept that in a rated e game. People call the monsters in OoT scary? What about killing a fox? U grew up on fox and the hound and I can't believe this game let's me kill them. How is it not rated T?

    PS, this sounds like an angry rant, but I really did enjoy this game. I just think it's important to lay certain parts of it our there.

  3. Every time someone tells me this game is bad I say 3 things

    Go watch game of the year awards
    Get a switch and play the game
    And watch this video

  4. I have 4 major/minor complaints with this game:

    My first complaint is that this game can be a bit unforgiving if you choose to explore certain regions; there are just some regions you cannot explore with a horse without being severely limited, or, having to risk losing the horse altogether. This can be annoying, and really ends up hampering the players ability to explore well. One should be able to teleport both themselves, and their horse, from one location to another to remove this issue, so its not such a ridiculous risk to go exploring certain regions with a horse. Its not so much risking the horses death, that I can deal with, but risking entering a region where returning with the horse is nearly, or entirely, impossible. There are many areas like this, which makes exploring regions like this really time consuming as they have to be done entirely, or almost entirely, on foot.

    Second issue is that I find the map a little annoying. It does not matter if you explore an uncharted region of the game, if you do not climb up to a tower and activate it, you will not remove the fog off of the map. I feel like there should have been a mix of removing fog as you go, and towers. If you want to reveal the whole segment of the map right away, climb the tower and do so, but if you want to reveal some as you go, and some of it through the towers, then that should have been an option.

    Third issue, the games resolution is really low. 720p simply is not acceptable these days. That's half the resolution of my phone, which has a smaller screen. Not to mention my phone is AMOLED, which is already hard to give up for plain old LCD on the Switch. My TV and laptop viewing experiences switch between 1080 and 2160 respectively, both being LEDs. Adjusting back to 720p is really difficult. The game is very beautiful, so it's a shame that its beauty has to be hampered by such a low resolution. And it is hampered, no question about that.

    Fourth and final issue is on the games performance. Generally it's pretty good, even after hours of gaming, but it can be a lot better. Some areas in the game for whatever reason cause the game to perform poorly when compared to other regions, and explosions can cause frame-rate issues as well. It did not matter how long i played for, if there were a lot of bad guys and a big explosion, game would lag, or if I entered a certain village where the game has issues running, there were problems. This considering the games generally tame graphics (though beautiful art style), low resolution, and moderate fps of 30 is disappointing. I expect a little more in the late 2010s era of gaming, especially after coming back from a solid gaming session on my PS4 Pro playing the gorgeous Horizon Zero Dawn at a solid 1080/30fps. Also, the rumours are true, the game does perform better in handheld mode vs. TV mode, so there's that. For some, that's a bummer, for others it does not matter too much. For me I prefer using handheld mode on the switch, part of the reason I got it, so it's not a big deal for me.

    Other than these problems, the game is pretty great and full of things to do. You get this and Mario Kart (for example) and you'd be pretty set with your Switch for some time. Considering my issues with the game, I'd give it a 8/10. If the resolution on the Switch was 1080p, and thus Zeldas res being 1080p, and the performance was better and more consistent, I'd give it a solid 9, but as it stands, it's an 8.

  5. This game is awesome, but i don't think it's feels like a traditional Zelda game. it feels like it's one of those spin off titles
    that zelda never gets as much

  6. to this day i still dont understand why botw got a ten for some glaring flaws and how the witcher 3 got less than that for STORY PADDING. These games are both different games I understand, but story padding? do you have any ideas how many and how great the writers are for that game. over here there's a game called botw wild that for all of its successes has an empty world. The one thing that zelda represents is nostalgia and a longing for childhood. I've played it. I don't like it. It's my opinion. maybe I don't like it because it's the first zelda I've played, but I have to say, A FREAKING TEN. it may have deserved game of the year, but in no way a ten. This is my opinion.

  7. My good friend died of an overdose and i got his switch with this game only. Never thought i would get so much out of a portable nintendo game, i loved LOZ when i was younger on gamecube and this game was just awesome

  8. If they don't give Kingdom Hearts 3 a 10 out of 10 score, I'll be freak en upset. I'm not screwing around!!!!!

  9. this is what i always wanted open world to feel like. go out and explore everything you want! finally no 1000 icons with the same 3 minigames. it feels so damn good to have a game that never handholds you through its world and after skyward sword zelda was one of the last games i would have expected to pull this off

  10. I am the only one that thinks that The Witcher 3 deserved a 10? After this review I am pretty sure The Witcher did better than everyone wants to admit

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