H3 Podcast #47 – MKBHD (Marques Brownlee)

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  1. Its not the "energy density" that makes the batteries "explode" its the lithium based chemistry. One of the main benefits of graphene or carbon based battery chemistry it's going to be "less flammable". The dream is to achieve better energy density than gasoline, without the flammability. There is still the matter of physics and with that much energy, if it is "short circuited" or "punctured" the energy has to go somewhere. But a slow smoldering over a long period of time would be infinitely more safe than the current "explosive" based chemistries.

  2. I clicked this thinking "who is this guy?"

    Come to find out this is the guy I always used to watch for tech reviews and have been subbed to for over a year or more lol.

  3. Power consumption is not going up. Battery technology is not improving. Battery technology has some of the slowest development. Companies have zero incentive to aim their resources to creating semi-decent batteries.

  4. ok dont try to come out Porsche saying tesla is so much better, you can like electric cars and all but a Porsche gt3 is one of the best cars ive ever seen, Tesla model s is nowhere close to it

  5. I don't give a flying saucer about technology, but this guy is so chill and such an interesting storyteller, I got sucked into the discussion.

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