iMac Pro: 1 Week Impressions!

iMac Pro has been in the house for a week – this has been my experience so far! TwelveSouth Hi Rise Pro: John’s iMac Pro Setup: http://youtu….


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About the Author: Marques Brownlee


  1. The iMac Pro is an absolute waste of money. The Intel Xeon W chips are nothing but i9 chips with a Xeon sticker thrown on top. Sure, they support ECC memory but there is nothing your average iMac Pro user would need to ever use it. As in, leaving your iMac Pro on for days on end rendering complex models, in which the Vega 64 do to it's low memory size wouldn't even support, just isn't something they would do. If they did, well, it would be a stupid move as they'll eventually ruin their hardware as the iMac Pro simply wasn't built for such things.

    The best thing you can do now, is to just buy an i9 18 core system, add in 64GB of RAM, a real workstation class GPU like a AMD WX 7100/9100, fantastic cards for OSX and Final Cut Pro, than using the up to 3 to 4 grand you saved by doing this, buy another PC/laptop for gaming.

    The worst bang for your money though is the entry level iMac Pro. You actually get much faster performance by using a 8700K over clocked to 5GHz, like 25 percent faster, especially in Final Cut as it's not really a multi CPU optimized program, over 6 cores. Not just that but you can built a Hackintosh based on the 8700K or Ryzen 1800X with 64GB RAM, Radeon Pro, Frontier, WX 7100 2x 1TB Samsung SSD's, water-cooling, with a 14bit Pro 32" Monitor, for a grand less.

    I know because I'm using one right now, based on a NZXT case, ASRock, mini-ITX Mobo, i9 18 Core, Radeon Pro Duo with a new WX9100 on the way, 1TB 960, 6TB SATA. Though this system costs a lot more, it was still a lot less than the iMac Pro 10 core and wipes the floor with it, even the 18 core iMac Pro. The Radeon Pro DUO by the way is still a really good card for a Mac, especially at only $700. I have the 32GB version. Which is a hundred more. Really, in Final Cut its actually faster than the Vega when editing 6K or 8K video do to the more RAM.

    I'm also currently building another one with a Ryzen 7 1800X and a AMD WX7100, 32GB RAM for my friend, so far it annihilates the 8 core iMac Pro in almost every benchmark, except Final Cut as it uses Intel on!y tech for extra performance , though he uses Adobe Premiere so it doesn't matter and for that it is faster. Price, $2800.

  2. I feel like 128 gigs of RAM is really unnecessary. Yes, fcpx and photoshop and after effects do take up some RAM, but I don’t think it’ll use up 128 gigs. 32 gigs is already used by very few people, 64 gigs is absurd, and 128 gigs is just plain unnecessary.

  3. Im not paying $10,000 just because its mac period…I'd rater buy my shxt for half on pc and i have a iMac if you could at least configure your own mac as needed it would kill the game…there are things i don't need in the iMac pro but also things i wouldn't mind having so yeah

  4. I seriously dont get it. Why do game developers or more software developers dont release their games and softwares for mac os??? I mean these imacs are beasts. Even the base model will be able to handle all the games out right now without any lag if the game developers develop their games for macs. I mean do Apple not give permission to any game developers to release their games for mac os. I mean seriously, apple could sell millions more pieces of imacs n macbooks if games n more softwares are released for macs

  5. I appreciate that apple actually spends time make pro software like final cut and logic while Microsoft is making bloatware like paint 3D and whatever new gimicky video editor they made.

  6. Hello Marques. I have been watching many videos about the new imac pro. Lots of render times compared with other systems. Looks promising, BUT I am wondering if any of the test were done using EXTERNAL RAIDs, such as the Pegasus on your desk. It is true that the internal SSD of the imac pro is fast, but 4K and 8K files tend to need significantly more space than even the 4TB SSD. On top of that, who really wants to use there operating system Drive as a scratch disc? If you have any information on the performance of this computer using real world situations and external RAID systems, I would highly appreciate that. I have switched to a Z840 with dual Xeon 12 Core, 128G RAM and Quadro P5000. I have installed internal SSD RAID for scratch, which gives me 2800 MB/s write and 2900 MB/s read on BM Disk Speed Check. Do you think I would benefit by switching back to mac with imac pro?

  7. "Not upgradable with no way to get in"

    Really? looked like linustechtips and detroitborg both got in their imac pro's just fine without issues

  8. I'm fearful being black it's going to be a nightmare to keep clean. My silver one really doesn't show the dust that sucked to it because of it's thermal undercurrents. I don't like the weird box thats stuck under the screen. Yes Premiere is a nightmare with RAM, but the cost of Apple's RAM is crazy. Dare say there is no law against making a profit.

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