TITANIC SINKING SIMULATOR IN VR | Fall of the Titanic (Oculus Rift: DK2 Gameplay)

A dream come true! You can now escape the Titanic while it’s sinking in Virtual Reality. Fall of the Titanic is an VR indie game that can be played on a PC monitor, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive….


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  1. I think the real question should be: am I the only one on this ship? like, where are the other people running and screaming for their lives??

  2. The titanic sank because of a fire the fire reduced the metals streangth by 70% on the spot it happend. They were that unlucky that the iceburg hit on that exact spot. The titaic was so strong that it would not have been possible to sink.

  3. Who has seen the ? movie and. It is veary sad sorry rose that jack did not surviv just dance it will be ok but really sorry for your loss r.i.p jack heart wiil go on ×-× i am ? sad

  4. Je Amerikaans Engels is aardig geprobeerd maar er zitten genoeg uitglijers in je Engels die de Nederlander in je verraden… Rookie!

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