Overkill VR is a shooting game for the Vive that is based on cover-system mechanics, with tons of different customizable weapons and more than fifty levels that gives to you +40 hours of deadly…


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  1. New update
    -When reloading, you will need to use your other hand ( the other hand which does not use a gun which allows you to use airstrike, flashbang and more stuff and allows you to see how many health you have) to get it near you gun
    I notice that you also don't use the cover system here LOL.

  2. devs just added : Manual reloading added: based on the community's feedback, weapons are now reloaded more realistically by inserting magazines with your left hand into each weapon's magazine slot.

  3. lol the mesh collaiders and animations of the characters really suck….and AI? just used a navigation agent and added points to it, really a noob project. can make this shit in 1 day with Unity.

  4. hummmmmmmm, havent i played this on my phone before? NATHIE! please find out if this game was for iphone! I REMEMBER IT FROM SOMEWHERE!

  5. Nathie, maybe it's better if you demonstrate the game to your viewers as you try the game out for the first time. Some editing here and there would eliminate the extra time wasted figuring out certain mechanics of the game. I think it makes for better content, this almost feels like a tutorial format. I think we can all agree most gamers aren't fond of tutorials.

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