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  2. Excellent video Zach. Thanks for the information about verge. I have gone back and forth on verge since the super bowl ad. I feel its a super small bull run but, we are setting the stage for the real run late April. I am excited for the Consensus next month that will ignite this run.


  3. Hey what do you think about iexec (Rlc coin)?! I think it’s very promising and at huge lows. Great team that is stacked with leaders in the cloud computing scene! As far as the market goes. I believe it will be a bumpy ride for another month or so but come summer it will start to boom.

    Thanks for the content


  4. Binance Coin was SCREAMING yesterday. I sold some at the top and bought some XVG. Here’s to hoping the news in April will bring more gains!


  5. awesome video as always 🙂 oh verge and tron been really good for trade this month..wink wink 😉 lol

  6. BTC is forming a butterfly, which is a reversal pattern and we should hopefully head to 20k sometime this year.

    LTC – LdjvCTCYbgunpGthUeDZikKbHGhbNuimhs

  7. Verge at $1.35 / 20bln wow. Didn’t realise that price is mkt price / circulating supply . Rather than total supply.
    Ltc. MJiLXxv83VAGX9Fhb3Pkih5o6RbizxJV7n

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