Extinction Review

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  1. Poor poor Hippo. You must be hungry hungry for attention. Haha. Signed the Dev team. Trust me Super Ken would know if I was a Dev. I assure you I am not.

  2. Looking at all the trailers, I expected the game to be some kind of Dragon Age Inquisition and Shadow of the Collosus hybrid. I'm pretty disappointed with it. Thank you for your review!

  3. I am enjoying it. To me it is old school fun. Levels and small worlds missions. It feels like a game that will be a cult hit with all the big games coming out this year. To me it is fun but I do understand with the way games are today this will not be for everyone.

  4. Dam and I one point I was interested but as I seen more and more then this review I'll be staying far away and it's the same price as the new God of War! Let that sink in ugh I'll throw my money at God of War

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