God of War: E3 2016 vs. Final Graphics Comparison

Since E3 2016 when it was revealed this PS4 exclusive has gotten a huge upgrade. God of War Review (2018): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_MtcOznfM4 God of War Graphics Comparison: PS4…


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  1. Does anyone notice the movements of his beard and his son's coat in the 2016 version? I noticed that it is gone in the current release.

  2. Base on my observation the graphics on the trailer is better, but the retail has more details. 🙂

    Or maybe I'm just horrible at observing, I can't really tell which one has more details.

  3. The atmosphere seems a little better in the E3 trailer, but the final product is overall a bit better imo. I don’t know what the majority of you are say, but it’s opinion based. Seems like a interesting story nonetheless

  4. How is this an upgrade? The colors are more vibrant and the textures are sharper, but that's about it. Ambient occlussion, shadows, reflections, hair and ice simulation, depth of field, they have all been downgraded. They've clearly cut corners everywhere for it to run smoothly at 4k. It looks great still, but calling this an upgrade seems totally biased if you ask me.

  5. I don't know, the final product has more vibrant colors and details on the character but I preferred the E3 trailer backgrounds, environment, and level design. Looks more epic, which is a feeling I want when I play GOW. Also I'm not a fan of the health bar. None of the other GOW games had it so it just feels alien to me.

    Still compared to most other games, the final product is pretty darn close to it's cinematic.

  6. As usual a massive lighting, shader downgrade, and satured(HDR filter?) colors to hide it. It would be dumb to think the PS4 pro could handle it, same thing happened to The Witcher III trailer reveal…
    Still the final result is "ok", at least it's not a downgrade obvious as Ubisoft does.

  7. This was a crazy good upgrade. The only downgrade was that hair strands (which look better in the final) don't move as much as in the trailer.

  8. People seem to forget the fast paced and style of combat that god of war has… the E3 showed slow attacks, whereas the final product gives a sense of the old god of war fast slashing which would obviously result in some reductions here and there to keep the game from falling apart due the the fast movement occuring.

  9. I completely adored the E3 trailer when it was announced and watched it god knows how many times. I've watched endless reaction trailers to it just to share my joy and awe with other GoW fans, and new fans. So trust me when I say that something special would have to prove its better than the E3 trailer. I think Santa Monica has achieved it. The lighting is better, the texture detail is better and the colour palette is more varied. I have to admit that the E3 trailer was kinda brown in a lot of areas so I feel that has been eradicated.

    Downgrade it most certainly is not.

  10. Besides the motion blur and anti aliasing i'd say the final product is looking better. But i must say that the location itself looked better in the 2016 trailer for this place.

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