[ VRChat ] THE CONFUSED DOG IN VR ( Virtual Reality )

VR Chat adventures. All VRChat playlists for all seasons episodes and adventures in vr are below. Join us in this storyline! ▻Subscribe – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrQtPvWYE70MRFXWpTiQ4y…


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  1. Man did i miss the wedding ?love ur vids naggz it sucks I can't work on my YouTube channel cuz I don't have a PS4 no more FOR NOW!!!!! but this vid hold a warm place in my cold dead heart I love u naggzz and the community that u are a part of ,I have been there since ep 7 of the series and I want u to know personally u guys are always in my heart at the darkest of times, u guys are special , one in a million ,but u know what ur vids do the most incurage small people like me to go and make ur content, DON'T GIVE UP AND NEVER LET UR DREAMS GO,Please keep making the dream a reality,P.S.u should be a anime girl for a day or 2 it's quite the experience ,love u see u in the next 100 years aahahahaahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha

  2. My cheeks are hurting so much from your videos Nagzz X_X Anyways good video as always that makes me laugh every minute in your videos! Also i am excited for the wedding! 😀

  3. Nagzz21 pinned me on top?
    Since you haven't pinned yours yet?
    SUNDAY -15/4/18 WESTERN
    MONDAY -16/4/18 EASTERN
    *Because Asians and Australians are from the future…

    Always a great content Nagzz, never bored me.
    Is this season 4? because the thumbnail had changed since last episode.

    P.S. If so happens that you made the [Werewolf] episode or [Undercover] episode again, make it a bonus of extra time (a lengthy video) please
    ( °-°)7

    P.S.S. Is this season 4?

  4. Hm, i like the new transitions you use between the world changing clips swosh =) anyways good video like always <3

  5. Zero x Donut also Joey I love you man been here since 20k or 30k I love you and hope to meet you in VR Chat when I get my better computer anyways see ya! ♥️♥️

  6. She’s right Joey you CAME first 😉 zerosu forever! Ahhhhhhhhh I haven’t had something lewd to comment about in a while…it feels good to be back

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