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Altcoins going on a bull run? CryptoCurrency altcoin market news!
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  1. LTC: LQZFiZ4wdTb2aCE7VvoFzCbXECtjWfeUEt
    You should really give away Centra instead of LTC bcuz LTC is a great coin which has potential… BTW huge fan of the channel!!!!

  2. I really enjoy your videos… even though I have lost half my crypto investments. I got in when bitcoin was touching 20,000 so I don't share the happiness all of you are enjoying. Everything I invest in turns to crap the day after I get in. I have my entire life savings in cryptos and so far I am VERY disappointed with my holdings. I invested in silver when it was about $50.00 an ounce. Then I sold it at a 3/4ts % loss. and invested in silver mining stocks and lost another 3/4ts. And now I'm flat broke and can't invest much in cryptos. I have GOT to be the worst investor on the planet. I still can't imagine getting back in the black. I don't know how you can buy millions of $$$ of cryptos. Where did you get all that money? I'm about to turn 62 and I watch all you kids driving super cars and you ain't even half my age. How the fuck can you make so much money at such a young age? did somebody give you money? And I have no idea how to buy a lot of the cryptos you are buying. You are so happy and so smart. I try to do the exact same thing you are doing and all I get in return is more broke. I even sold my house… a corvett… my jet ski… my VW trike and a lot of other stuff. And I am down around 90% in the last decade. It's gone… JUST GONE!!! And how do you send your lite coin and etherium coin address? What do I look for to find my addresses? And if I find it, how do I put it in the comment section in order to be in your drawings? Is it a copy and paste thing? And is there ANYBODY out there that can mentor me. I am so broke from bad investments that I only go to town about once a month. I am eating peanut butter and bread, and have been doing that for about 15 years so I can have some money to invest. I have been in a wheelchair for over 40 years and trying to survive on a disability check. I have never been in a commercial air plane, I have never traveled to all the countries you kids take for granted… and must think everybody is rich like you. I have never been on a cruse ship. I'm fucking starving to death trying to copy what you do so I can have what you have. I'm sure I will get negative feedback from writing this, BUT DAMN!!! How do you just fall into so much wealth? Why is it so easy for you? I can't even make it to 100,000.00, much less MILLIONS!

  3. Not having enough budget to invest in multiple coins at once sucks, but I'll get there, moon BABB moon!

  4. Thanks for the info and the job you and your team put into making these videos posible.

    I think i missed a couple of your recent videos, but have you look into @apollocurrency what sre your thoughts?




  5. Been holding trx for a few months now. Let's pump the shit out of it! I would actually invest those $50 into it.
    LTC: LSVwbsRD1GzKXpKHRgsxvtuMREKaxJWim3

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