Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News – Coinbase Acquisition, Balina Hacked, & Wanchchain ICOs

Today in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency Coinbase makes a major acquisition, Ian Balina gets hacked, Wanchain lists first six ICOs, major Korean exchange launching new service in Indonesia, and much more.

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Best security practices

Wanchain – Wanlab

Wanchain ICO list

Binance coin burn

Aphelion Wallet


Universa Mainnet

Blocnation delayed

We have advised our partners Blocnation ($BNTN), to move the dICO to May 3rd.

Reddit – My Bitcoin is Better

Coinone launching in Indonesia

Major Korean Exchange Launches in Indonesia with Six Cryptocurrencies


Could Switzerland Stop Being Dubbed the ‘Cryptocurrency Nation’?


Coinbase gets Earn

Coinbase Acquires for an Estimated $100 Million

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