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What are the top altcoins to buy right now? CryptoCurrency Market News and Altcoins to watch!
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  1. I am currently holding
    • VeChain (Quality control across supply chain management)
    • Sub (Decentralized Internet)
    • Theta Token (Youtube and Twitch founders are advisors)
    • Data (Ad Fraud)

  2. I heard Indian Company denies the partnership with NCASH can you please investigate?

  3. Great informational video….i am hoping for the next episode you talk about the NCASH quick sell off. Thank you for the videos.
    LTC: LQNzYvXdyNzo9W9JxbfH9LSdHdRjHEv6ar

  4. I'm Really confused with how to get BABB Bancor or IDEX is easier,never dealt with decentrilized exchanges and hard to find info anny suggestions?


  5. I’m bullish on cardano, stellar and ripple. I most believe in stellar’s vision but I think ripple will do best.


  6. Wooow! Thanks man, keep up the great vids. Very informative. Do you think we will see the same run in december like we did last year? LL2MGnFxizBzsV7a9WnfTrzmTnfVmrWfcu

  7. LUamBvJXHgEzPFoYbY2gBGQfzBrmQ4sXcJ wait, i actually won something?? well since you are seeing this, when would you say we are fully out of the bear market and bull market again?? above 12k btc like a lot of others are saying or?

  8. GVT is another altcoin Ive been keeping my eye on, but haven’t pulled the trigger on buying, Is now a good to time to buy GVT? I Really Love the Live videos keep them coming thanks!!!
    LTC: LXt4evzjGNw97fkEXBwsKDXg7EZ85qqXFv

  9. I Am vested in WPR, ADA, ECC, MINT, SBTC, ETN, DCN, DENT, DGB, FUEL! Great update Zach Thank You! LKpJ2KnGU7DrQvB9DrLRYX4Wwj8ecvkFqy

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