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  1. A lot of people will tell you that theres no good crypto currency mining out there when you start, i was told same when i started out, i have lived with that believe and lost all my fortunes until recently i took a risk that has changed my life for good, i put in a minimum amount and right now i've made over half a hundred thousand dollars trading by following some basic rules i learned from a forum i attended in Switzerland, email me if you're interested in profiting cryptocurrency trading

  2. The whole media attacking cryptos and bitcoin; but when Bitcoin bounces back smashing the critics and news even Google and Facebook Will be apologizing ….

  3. Another great video. I work on a ship and don't have a lot of down time. Watching your channel really helps with keeping up with the market while I'm at sea.

  4. found proof about the fud in the last video in regards to eth and all its tokens. smart cash is a token and was just classes as none security meaning regulations will not affect every token and eth like described in the live video about it.

  5. Awesome work Kirby. I'm a newby to crypto and It's good to come across someone who is just laying it out as he sees it.
    It's refreshing to hear instead of these scammy cunts on you tube misleading us virgin crypto investers!!
    Keep up the good work!!

  6. Just subscribed to your posts. I am into several cryptos but especially into litecoin. Even though the current market is discouraging, I am confident about the long term future of cryptos and I am concentrating now on increasing my number of coins. I am really looking forward to your technological support and thank you!

  7. It's funny how everyone is being so panicky, really look at the situation… The media is literally doing EVERYTHING they possibly can to FUD and attack crypto, during a correction/consolidation period… and it's still holding at 6-7k…. If this isn't bullish news idk what is… Buy the dip, profit… This next bull run is going to be massive.

  8. When Lightning is fully operational worldwide the price will increase. The tx fees and times were the whole problem. So I just keep trading btc pairs. Part of the time I'm holding btc and part I'm holding alts, between trades. It'll all even out in the end. Just don't do the crazy thing of selling out to the shorters. USD itself has volatility, just about 10 times less than btc. Don't lose the faith, just ride out the downtrend. If it hit prices before, it'll hit them again. And it reached those prices while the fees were directly linked to the price at 0.001 btc and it costed about $20 to move btc. With Lightning it'll be easier. I would say that by spring/summer it'll be back up in the 11s. Not a lot of business activity this time of year, so people aren't really topped up enough to put more money in right now. That's just how the market is, can be long periods that have to be weathered.

    About Ripple, not many banks would get involved in something in which half of it is controlled by someone else. Maybe a few sucker banks but that's about it. And Neo recently showed a major vulnerability, one node going down puts the whole network down. That's why that one dove, also because it's Chinese and they banned crypto trading.

  9. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<BITCOIN IS GOTTA CRASH, TOTALLY CENTRALIZED AND BTC PRICESARE CONTROLLED, ETHEREUM will replace bitcoin, because ETHEREUM has lots of new projects, check them out at ETHEREUM MAIN PAGE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  10. i like your videos but never do that fucking whiny voice again whether your imitating other people or not…. that was fucking horrific to listen to. thanks.

  11. You average Joe you refer to, belongs in the West. You need to expand your vision beyond the developed West. Many people in Venezuela buy 'muffin' with Dash or BTC. Or in similar countries.

  12. Met the Lampix team here at SXSW a couple of days ago and got to play around w/ the product and talk w/ the ceo, the founder/cte and the sales/marketing team for a couple of hours. Very cool working product.

  13. BTW, freaking Tone Vays is losing it. He is live right now taking glee in the fact that according to him "B-Trash" and that "F-ing Ethereum" are crashing. He says he hopes everyone invested in that "stuff" will lose their family and friends and won't even be able to afford Internet. Completely oblivious that he does not even have sceen share on and oblivious to the death cross BTC is also heading to. Unbelievable that guy…

  14. We are way too oversold right now based on the last 200 days. The alt coins are hopelessly tied to BTC. BTC is an anchor or a kite, and once it takes off it tends to suck the funds out of cryptos. I can't believe I am saying this, but I think in the long haul a little regulation would be good. For starters, once the markets are regulated there would be a fiat gateway to every coin or investment, because it is required in any SEC controlled investment or commodity. More fiat gateways would be like putting a multi level exhaust on a clogged up pipe. And confidence in Ethereum would be reestablished.

    Not bullish at all at this point. I can't imagine major institutions getting in before a potential death cross. And we are already oversold…we are already down, might as well hit our bottom find solid support and go back up.

    Also QASH is like Binance Coin except it is on Qyrptos exchange and they want to go full banking…but it is a proprietary coin for Qryptos and its sister site.

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