Dope Tech: “Shot on Smartphones!”

Exploring the concept of “Shot on a Smartphone” Moment V2 lenses: DJI Osmo Mobile: Zhuiyen Tech Crane: Shoutout…


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  1. i have a canon 1300d with a kit lens and i find that footage from my iPhone 6s plus is better, is this because i am using a kit lens or something else, i was thinking of getting an Cosmo mobile 2 but I'm not sure if a better lens for my dslr would be a better option.

  2. The one thing though is not all of those "Shot on" videos do use extra gear. Sometimes they do yes but anymore the majority of them don't. They are handheld or at most a stabilizer and maybe a moment or olloclip.

  3. i honestly don't think buying a 600/700$ Smartphone (+maybe lenses?), just to have a decent camera is cheaper, than just saving up on your phone and buying a cheap one that can handle WhatsApp and Youtube and investing in a propper Camera with interchangeable lenses that you can keep for many years and upgrade over time…

  4. How the hell did nearly 1000 people dislike this video? Makes me wonder if there are a bunch of retards that make accounts just to dislike content.

  5. Hey didn’t know where to comment but I just bought the Sony 6300, and id like to know what lens do you recommend for video recording and portrait pictures?

  6. I saw yesterday that Moment now sells counter weights for the gimbal that will allow you to use your case and lens with the gimbal you already have if you buy the counter weights.

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