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  1. Love this game tbh. It reminds me of the mid 2000s pandemic open world games for some reason, i think it may be the colourful world. It may not be as graphically amazing as some other titles, but boy it's sure deep and has so much rpg goodness to it. It's been patched up rather well since this review and definitely deserves a higher score than this. It's actually a very good rpg.

  2. I like how in the video he is fighting mobs with skulls next to their health. In the game this is an indication you are far below the level to be taking on that fight. Sounds like a problem with the player not the game…

  3. I agree with this review a lot like elex is a fun game but it just has a lot of problems and I honestly think if they made a second one it would be better in a lot of ways

  4. Great World. Great Story. Shitty, god awful combat. Often buggy AI. Repetitive enemies that often feel like re-skins of other enemies. Sub-par and annoying crafting system. Awful balancing issues; not just with you V.S. enemy damage scaling, but with the differences between weapons as well.

    For those who just claim it as just "hard core", get real. Yeah it's difficult, but in a way that often ignores skill and is directly effected by RNG. The Witcher series is "hard core" but I was always able to use superior skill to outdo my higher level enemies. Elex doesn't give you the tools to do the same. Unavoidable one-hit ko enemy attacks, long animations for your "quick" attacks, clunky movement, bizarre hit-boxes, etc. all result in a poor experience.

    If you are a fan of the developers or are a real difficulty junkie (and don't care how where the difficulty comes from), then give it a shot. Otherwise, I say steer clear. I've played nearly 30 hours, and the charm that kept me going has run dry. I kept hoping something would really click with me, but it never did.

  5. Besides the guy reviewing it is a noob and he rushed the game to finish it quickly for the review. Piranha byte games are true hardcore rpgs and if you treat them like your average button mash then you'll fail.

  6. Just bought and tried the game and the graphic is so awful that im not able to play it. I gave it a chance for 15 minutes but its just too much for me. Maybe the story is great but i cant overlook the fact that im playing 15 years old game.

  7. Elex owns. For old school rpg fan. From the days when we played Gothic games. Priceless. Finished the game without any bugs or crashes. And if you cant kill a boss..Well you just didnt build your character right. First time i played as an Outlaw . Finished the game with little difficulty. Only time i had issues was with like 5 on 1 scenarios. Git Gud kid. Try playing Gothic 2. NOTR. Thats 3 times as hard as Elex.

  8. It's much better now after the said patches have been released. We Europeans enjoy a challenge over a simple-jack game sometimes LOL

  9. I can see Jason Statham as the main character if they do a movie. As for the game, it's one of the most beautiful and aggravating I've ever played and lost interest in.

  10. The thing is nearly every game these days have a day 1 patch even AAA titles. What im bothered about is how the game feels after its been out a couple months. The world itself looks like a nice place to explore and for some people that means more than anything.

  11. It's a shameful review. Are these "reviewers" aware that they unfairly affect the hard-work of really talented and industrious people? This guy here….. "battles are unfair, even in the beginning of the game"? Well, guess what, there are games that do not hold your hand and force you to think your way through, search for alternative solutions and immerse you in an original universe. Sadly, this seems to be the fashion these years: if a game dears to propose you to use your brain, it gets punished for it!

  12. I love how people cover their ears and trash the review just because they happened to like this buggy mess of a game. Comments like "just because it doesnt have Battlefield graphics doesnt make it bad", "too hard 4/10" makes me laugh. Did you even listen to the critique? It even showed how much he wanted to like this game but his enjoyment of it was lost because of bad gameplay. I had the same reaction to it. Full of potential squandered by lack of talent. I don't even play many "AAA" games so I don't expect top notch graphical fidelity, but I do want play-ability in my games thanks.

  13. its really cruel for a review to say ''play it after 2 years'' there are bugs but most of your praised games were also made their debut buggy and fixed later.cmon now…

  14. Ok so I just hit the 100 hour mark in my playing of Elex and I'm currently in my second playthrough and all I have to say to this reviewer is get better at the game. The combat can be frustrating yes but that's because it's supposed to be difficult. In my 100 hours of gameplay I have run into a grand total of 2 bugs. Both of which were just the game locking up and that was probably due to playing the game for so long in one sitting.

    Yes the game is a little rough around the edges and I'm sure that some of the bugs the reviewer ran into have been patched but I hate seeing good games get trashed soon after they launch because it keeps people from trying them and insuring future DLC or a sequel.

    Even though the game does have a few issues that still need to be addressed I would still highly recommend it for anyone who is wanting to play a challenging game that provides hours and hours of play time. In it's current state I'd give it a 7/10.

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