Why God of War Is Getting Perfect Reviews

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  1. A link to the God of War Metacritic review compilation:

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    Easy Allies
    Robin Gaming

  2. I am currently playing the game and it is really good but not perfect. It has an open world feel but is far from it. It actually feels very confined and limited. The bosses are pretty common and truthfully upgrading your gear really doesn't feel that important. I feel I will play through it once, but as a game I would want to play over and over again probably not. There are only a few games that qualify like that:
    GTA 5 – Better
    Mass Effect Andromeda – Better
    Prey- Better or same, open world feel better.

  3. I want to waste my time watching the guy who brutally killed gods try to bond with his son. What a pathetic way to ruin a good trilogy. This game should be called Last of Us : Nordic edition

  4. graphics are dope, level design as well, but boss fights are a step back to it's predecessors imo. the hyped critics are justified tho, would def earn GOTY in my book.

  5. Thank God more people are starting to realise just how garbage Downward Thrust's videos are. This channel is basically just a dumbass trying to make "video essays" while not understanding what video essays are.

  6. No lootboxes, Sony just knows how much to invest their love on a Triple A games! It is refreshing. They show gamers that single-player campaign is not dead. No stupid super heavy grinding that needs lootboxes to finish the game. Ehem (shadow of war, far cry 5 and others).

  7. A 10 out of 10 doesn't mean "perfect." Perfect will always be an ideal, and in theory only. When a game gets the top score, it means that it's one of the best examples of its kind at that particular time. Something along those lines.

  8. Damn, this comment section makes me enter a parallel universe. This game is ridiculously good. This game has by far the best story mode yet, reinvented the franchise and set it up for even a better story line than before. It's like GOW 1-3 is just the tutorial.

    And there is a lot more to the game.
    – Loading screens are playable areas and you actually need quite a lot of time to realize that. They feel like a part of the game. (HUGE thing for consoles) This alone makes PC Gamers turn on that PS4.
    -GoW turned into an RPG without missing out on anything the previous games had. Same gore, same hack and slay, same deep lore, same epic fights BUT plus a lot of RPG elements which upgraded this game to a whole new level. Open World, more secrets, equipment and talent system, the menu and it's "codex" make you read up on everything you discovered in this game.

    I can only see that someone is disliking this game, when he DOES NOT want this game to be more deep. When he dislikes the depth to it. In every way.
    This game feels like a tree branching out.

    You can also see, when you play trough the game, that this is just a prolog to a new series of GoW. A very ambitious one.

    GoW will become bigger than ever. Can't wait.

  9. Why are there so many negative (and pretty retarded) people in these comments? Does this game trigger people? I notice that the best games of this generation tend to get the most people butthurt. Great video man.

  10. after witcher 3 its very hard to impress with visuals and immersion. game feels hyped and somewhat meets the expextations (not that many people had much beforehand)

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