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Rude and crude, Deadpool is more funny than it is fun to play. Subscribe to IGN’s channel for reviews, news, and all things gaming: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ignentertain…


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  1. did play this game and noticed some of it was similar to ninja gaiden or devil may cry styles of fighting did notice this was marvel universe with some cameos including wolverine i think the save game feature in this is checkpoints boss fights and cut scenes with a linear level system to reach next progression

  2. I think most people who have played Deadpool have had a good time with it. It's not the deepest game ever nor is it perfect. But it's flaws aren't so bad that it's ever unenjoyable. I kept wanting to play to keep hearing what outlandish nonsense came out of DP's mouth and what hilarity awaited me. The action was fun and varied enough. I'm not sure what else people expected from this game but it's a fun ride. Not every game is going to be Shadow of the Colossus just like every movie is not going to be The Godfather. Sometimes you just want a fun Comedy.

  3. I agree that the game is repetitive but it's not a 6. It's at least an 8. I love this game. I actually replayed it just for the jokes. It's a good action game on easy

  4. I got it on sale for Xbox 360 from the Xbox Live. It was okay. It had been months since I played anything like this. Yes, it's a bit repetitive, but I liked figuring out the best combos for the different weapons. Sometimes the invisible walls annoyed me, but mostly I enjoyed the game. I agree with the video review.

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