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My dad is in town and he has never been introduced to cryptocurrency. So today we’re going over the crypto market!
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  1. i recommend having a look at REMME. ERC20 token that places SSL certificates on blockchain allowing users to access their accounts without passwords. Also, the biggest thing for REMME right now is they are one of the sponsors for Consensus 2018. It's weakness is the fact that its not listed on any high volume exchanges yet.

  2. I wish there was a easy video … hell even movie my older family could understand… Great video . Should of told him about neo . Make money and earn gas on the side… back then they called that a little something something on the side .. bamm crypto.

  3. Thanks for the tip on auth on different device. I've got an old phone sitting around here somewhere… LSJZiXaB9hQtrSo6tWEavu2Z4rst2chXhW

  4. So what do you think about ICO Telegram? I, for one have high hopes on their GRAM-token. I bought 2000 tokens I"ll store them for year or two)

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  5. great live with your dad i try to bring my dad in to crypto but he is stuck in the past
    LiteCoin: Lb3GbwiA8a3EJE1DCmdTgpRxmvw9LdRsQD

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