SHOTS FIRED! Vitalik Buterin Declares WAR On Coin Desk

Vitalik Buterin has announced that he is boycotting the Consensus 2018 convention after yet another false report on Coindesk. This time the offending article involved a giveaway scam that was mistakenly reported to be supported by the OmiseGo (OMG) team. Previously a similar mishap occured in one of their articles, in which an author mistook a fake Twitter account (also engaging in giveaway scams) as the real Vitalik. What can sites and influencers do to avoid these sort of situations?

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  1. Hi Doug!
    Good video and thanks for explaining the Vitalik hoo haa and mentioning OMG’s similar issues.
    For what it’s worth, I think all people should state if their comment/article is a paid review or advert/promotion. That doesn’t automatically make it a bad review or whatever and sometimes they’ll be way more informative than non paid. But it should be stated nice and clear at the start.
    Any author should also disclose if at the time of writing they own/are invested in the coin/company/product or are about to get in/out. Again being an owner/investor isn’t automatically bad and will have genuine insight and opinions on it, but for transparency they should still declare any potential conflict of interest. I’d place that disclaimer at the end of the article/review.
    It’s just about being clear/transparent/honest = trustworthy imho.

  2. Loved the reflection gag, one of the funniest things I've seen for a while.

    FWIW I think you're getting the conflict balance about right. Clear on any vested interest and not pushing any coins. Keep up the good work.

  3. If not for yt I wouldn't have known about many interesting projects. I don't understand people who wanna blame others for their bad investing decisions.
    You should treat yt videos as a guide, not as an ultimate truth.

  4. I think it's ok to talk about coins you're interested/invested in so long as you make it clear, the problem is dumb people and the internet is full of them.

  5. Doug thanks for another great video. This industry has so so many immature impatient retail investors. I personally can't stand most of them and things that they comment. They love drama and they love to throw labels on people for any little thing under the sun. I would love to start a YouTube channel and just bash the behaviors of most of the people investing in the space, but I want to see mainstream institutional investors coming in so I don't want to create more doubt then there already is in the mainstream. honestly I would just love to hear a prominent YouTube personality call out all of the idiots in this space, and I don't mean just other YouTubers but the idiots that write comments. One quick example boxmining does a page sponsor review and one of the first things he does is tell everybody it's paid and sponsored and go look at his comments there's all kinds of stupid remarks like, you need to do a better job telling people this is paid, you're a Schiller, I'll never watch you again I thought you were better than this etc. Sorry for the long comment but I wanted to vent and if you agree with me I would love to see an episode about this topic, feel free to use my name and comment. Thanks Doug

  6. Hey Doug, How about if you want to talk about a coin in your videos you just promise that you will buy it a week after you publish the video. That way if you like the coin long term, a week shouldnt affect the price too much and no one could say that you were just pumping your bags.

  7. breaking news: guy who owns cryptonews portal bashes the coindesk,
    upcoming news: bitcoin salesman says that bitcoin will moon soon

  8. Ideal news site… prove you don't have an agenda by co-writing each coin review with opposing views. A debate between two writers of pros versus cons.

  9. Objectivity is a stupid unattainable goal, what journalism should focus on is honest reporting and that always involves a subjective point of view.
    Just be as honest as you can, and keep it up Doug! Cheers!

  10. if you want to present a coin or ico you believe in – you may just present it as your investment or as having an interest on it along with your motives. It's a futile effort to try to be objective. You can choose to present facts with amounts of proof to back it up… or just your opinion. People will always love or hate… And as for you becoming a target… well, aren't you one already? you are one of the top crypto youtubers, if people want to attack you they may very well do it based on assumptions anyway. This is why I thank you and I think many people are looking with respect towards you. Along others (not that many) you are what they call a crypto evangelist – – – people like you are the wheels that help the paradigm shift

  11. "shillbags mcgee… posting your portfolio… getting hacked and losing it" – absolutely no idea who you are referring to here. LMAO.

  12. I think that it is fine to promote a certain project or coin, but make sure to always clarify your involvements and your motivations (like: investor, advisor etc.). Then it is up to your viewers to decide whether your reasoning makes sense or not.

  13. Honesty Doug I think the way your doing it is fine. You ultimately will never make everyone happy and as long as you let us know that your invested in these coins shill away my friend haha

  14. Hey Doug,
    Thank you for bringing great content! Regarding your question about how to act as unbiased as possible I think it boils down to a couple of things: openness and honesty. Everyone understands that any crypto-youtuber owns and, sometimes (or constantly), trades. Nothing strange about that. So if you own, are planning to buy (or sell), or will not, just say so. Then we, the people, can assess the inevitable bias anyone always have. Also, if you are comfortable with that a top-10 list of your largest holdings could help. Finally any paid collaboration should be announced (if it is a crypto-related entity, (sunglasses or tank tops can be a secret;)).

    But you are already doing a great job here! Keep it up!! 🙂

  15. I really don't mind if you shill coins that you are invested in as long as you're upfront about it, which I'm sure you would be. I would never invest in something just because you own it, you have to do your own research. Your opinion may make me look into it, which is fine. Ps, research ARK ?

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